About Us

Dr. Shagufta Ultrasound Clinic was established in 1996

Obstetric Ultrasounds

The high quality ultrasound machines at our rooms allows for superior 2D imaging to gives us a
clear image of your baby. We also have transvaginal probe to better delineate the pelvic or
uterine pathology.
Pregnancy is an emotional time and the staff at Dr. Shagufta Ultrasound Clinic are dedicated
to make the experience enjoyable.

Ultrasound Services also offers all General Ultrasounds:

  • Abdominal (inc. renal, male pelvis etc.)
  • Musculoskeletal (inc. shoulder, knee, ankle, wrist etc.)
  • Small parts (inc. thyroid, breast, testis etc.)

In addition to our Obstetrics and Gynecological and General Ultrasounds we also specialist in
Vascular Ultrasounds.
All reports can be sent electronically or by Fax.